The secret of Athenian Arts

Those whom the world disdains the Sage values. Ordinary men do not know these things, only. Great wisdom can discern the edges of these matters. This is is part of a story from the of the favourite books: The Wu Qi Art Of War

The art of war was not just a question of Greek mythology. Even if wars played like religion and art played an important role in everyday life, we find this situation in other regions of the world. This applies in particular and also for the great continent of Africa with its variety of peoples who repeatedly led to major and minor conflicts.

It also corresponds to the tradition of African tribes. Africans had to carry many more wars, and in the mystique and magic of the art of war played an important role, which is also reflected in African art. as well as with the Greeks in the African art is a combination of their own everyday life and representation is available. But there is also something else in common, and this is the strong attention to detail, extremely high quality of the representation of the human body in the tension, the important role of the artist to his work of art. One might even argue about which forms of expression are larger and more impressive. See for many examples of african tribal art and african figures. With regard to the shape of the face there is no doubt that African art, which is much more expressive than the Greek art.

However, the high art of the ancient Greeks is still an impressive experience for the viewer. Especially if one includes the historic environment, and at sites such as Pergamon gone back thousands of years, one can gain a sense of the time in and enjoy.

Afrikanische Kunst (African Tribal Art) in Deutsch